White Great condition Celica Alltrac FS St165

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White Great condition Celica Alltrac FS St165

Postby WHTst165 » Sat Aug 18, 2012 5:19 am

hey whats up guys. I unfortunately can't get my celica alltrac project finished and have given up. The car has all the hard work done and all the pieces are there but it does need some work put into it to get it to its optimal running condition. I will list what i think it need first.

Here is the Add on Craigslist


1) Rear Differential bushing are shot, clunk on accelerate.
2) Needs better heat exchanger for st205 inter-cooler core. Charge isn't cooling well. ST165 heat exchanger and water pump still.
3) one of the radiator fans doesn't kick on, I know these things have heat issues so that needs to be fixed.
4) turbo is slightly clocked back to fit st205 intercooler...causes a waste gate issues and car won't hold boost past 7 psi stably
5) Kris @ KO Racing recently tired to tune the car but do to the previous issue the car wouldn't hold boost and a full tune couldn't be achieved. Hydra Nemesis has a tune and car runs and drives and if boost issues are fixed cars tune should be good up to 25 PSI. Kris might need to fine tune after issues are fixed.
6) Starter is going
7) power steering pump needs to have seals replaced.

1) Fully Build engine- 3sGTE Gen2 , built by a great shop with years of 3SGTE experience. Engine by itself is worth over $5000 in parts and labor. Supra To4E 50Trim turbo
2) Car is very very clean and has 93k original miles on a clean title.
3) Brand new Enkie Bortex wheels
4) New Headlight housings
5) 5 various auto meter gauges
6) Car interior is amazing for a car this year.
7) JVC deck installed.
8) cooling system holds up to pressure tests and compression is perfect across all cylinders.
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