Trying to finish my ST205 into an ST185 wiring

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Re: Trying to finish my ST205 into an ST185 wiring

Postby alltrac101 » Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:33 pm

On the 2nd pic with the notch in the upper right....It matches my 205 connector & it does not plug into anything else on the 185 or 205
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Re: Trying to finish my ST205 into an ST185 wiring

Postby alltracman78 » Sat May 04, 2013 11:50 am

Your 185 probably has a JDM harness that's been modded for LHD. JDM got the electronic speedo with the connector you have, identical to the ST205.
US/Canada also has a connector for the speedo, as well as a cable. The connector is triangular instead of 3 in a row though.

I wouldn't suggest wiring your intake temp sensor to the airbox, the ECU wants to see air temp after the turbo and intercooler with that sensor. Especially since you already have that sensor installed in the intake.

The temp sensor in the airbox is the same for the 5SFE and 4/7AFE. Very easy to find at any yard, so no reason to leave it not hooked up.

For the 92/93 ST185 the wiring is almost identical on the engine. I was running my 185 engine with an ST205 ECU. I made 2 jumper harnesses [1 for the intake temp sensor to EGR connector and 1 for the airbox temp sensor to AFM connector]. I also had to switch 3? or 5? wires around at the ECU. That and building the circuit to get rid of code 54. Even if you have an ST205 engine the connectors are all the same ON THE ENGINE, except for the 2 mentioned[temps sensors]. Just for clarification I'm not talking about the chassis connectors, those are different.

A pre revision [90/91] ST185 has a few more differences in the wiring. Off the top of my head, the alternator and knock sensor are different, as well as the 2 temp sensors. There are also a couple more wires that have to be switched.
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Re: Trying to finish my ST205 into an ST185 wiring

Postby oka » Fri Jun 07, 2013 9:51 am

Off the topic. Sorry. Im doing a 165-205 swap. Which axles did u used?? Will the 165 axle bolt into the 205 tranny. Thanks
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