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165 track time

Postby 88st165 » Sun Sep 07, 2014 3:54 am

Just came back from a track day. First time I had ever taken my red 165 around a track. Only did parking lot autox with it before. Wish it made it home under its own power but it did not. Still a great time. This particular event was a high speed autox which basically is a standing start single timed lap around the track. I have driven this track many times in my civic si and couldnt wait to take my 165 out on it. Unfortunately I wish it could have made it home under its own power but it did not. It was heavily leaking oil from the crank pulley and out of the pcv vent, about 1/2qt a lap. Got it towed home 97 miles thank you AAA! Still a great time and no regrets. Time to get bigger brakes and sort the engine issues and im back in action!

We camp overnight before every track day. Beats waking up ridiculously early the same day as the event. Plus we just drink and hang out the night before which may or may not put you in the best condition to drive the next day but its all in fun.
ImageIMG_2513 (2) by EJ1521, on Flickr

ImageIMG_2531 (2) by EJ1521, on Flickr

ImageIMG_2532 (2) by EJ1521, on Flickr

ImageIMG_2561 (3) by EJ1521, on Flickr

ImageIMG_2571 (2) by EJ1521, on Flickr

ImageIMG_2580 (2) by EJ1521, on Flickr

ImageIMG_2582 (2) by EJ1521, on Flickr

ImageIMG_2596 (3) by EJ1521, on Flickr
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