HKS VPC in st185 CS/RC/GT4 Rally

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HKS VPC in st185 CS/RC/GT4 Rally

Postby Snake19888 » Wed Feb 08, 2017 1:32 pm


i have a little question, do anyone run a VPC in a St185 Carlos Sainz/RC/Gt4 Rally Limited Edition?

I know there are two Chips available for Mr2 with gen2 3sgte and that they also fits for a St185 but do they still also work in a Carlos Sainz/RC/GT4 Rally Version?

Because the MAF from the CS is not compatible to the normal St185 Ecu. So i dont know if the HKS VPC for Mr2 gen2 3sgte will work xS

Does anyone do it? Or know if that will work?

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