New here. Want to convert my 88 camry to Altrac

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New here. Want to convert my 88 camry to Altrac

Postby Crankshaft2.0 » Sat Dec 23, 2017 5:52 am

Hi y'all. My name is Paul and I'm from San Antonio tx.
I have an 88 camry that I've Dang near built from the ground up. My ultimate goal for it is to maybe it 4x4. I may have found a donor but my car is 5 speed and the possible donor is automatic. I think most of the parts are just bolt on like the rear suspension assembly and transfer case but I am wondering if the Altrac has some kind of locking differential to ensure power is going to the passenger front and rear axles and not just the left front. If so will that differential or whatever it is fit in my manual transmission. Also if there is any other advice anyone can give me or point me to id really appreciate it.
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