ST185 - 185 JDM swap, wiring question

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Postby Snyder » Sun Mar 20, 2005 10:28 pm

I am with Chris. I just completed my swap. I have a 93 JDM 3SGTE (celica) with a 91 USDM wiring harness all going into a 93 JDM 3SGTE (MR2) ECU built by SARD. Its all in a 88GTS body. It was crazy. It actually runs and sounds mean.

I learned that if you open the top cover of the ECU you can see the pin out on the circuit board. All you have to do is repin the plugs to fit. Be care full that you don't short out the board.
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Re: ST185 - 185 JDM swap, wiring question

Postby GTSfreak » Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:04 pm

But what about just leaving the entire stock harness and ecu in place and dropping in the st185 jdm engine in ?

For instance the alltrac im looking at is a 1990 st185 and im looking at a st185 engine. couldnt i just unplug the harness it came with and put the engine in and then hook it up as if it were the stock one that came with the car ? Or are the sensors and plugs completely different where i have to extend the jdm harness and all that ?
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