Pretty new thought i posted awhile ago but says i havent so

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Pretty new thought i posted awhile ago but says i havent so

Postby DeftonesdsmSt185 » Sat Jul 06, 2019 2:29 pm

Im a member here with a 1992 cekica alltrac st185. Im currently collecting parts since only 1870 sold in usa its very hard. Just wanted to share my love for celicas and get registered so i can post parts wanted ads. I know a lot of parts are hard to come by like rocker panels but maybe if several of us get together we can get some. That and im in need of a complete st205 subframe and 4th gen 3sgte. Now if you google you find a complete gen 3 drivetrain yet company is shady and appears to not really stock these parts. I look forward to my mild restoration and the knowledge from you guys. Im in midwest so rust is a battle im trying to win before my car is too far gone. Maybe a St model rocker would have enough shape to modify? Anyway glad to be here and ill be increasing my visits as my motorcycle project is done.
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