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Postby Alikazam » Sun Apr 18, 2021 8:57 pm

Just finished installing the base model ATOTO A6. Must say I'm pretty happy with it so far. ($170 version). This car had that factory stereo removed and an alpine MRP-F356 5 channel amp installed under passenger seat. 4 corners powered by amp and sub channels used for both door 8"speakers, which look like 8" subs. Orion XTR or something. Anyway, the monkies that had this car before literally used duct tape and wire nuts for many things including the pioneer deck pigtail wiring. Cut most of the garbage out. There is 1 dead channel on the amp for front right. So i direct wired front right to deck, and rest as it was. Turned gain on other 3 channels down so that they wouldn't overpower that 1 channel and let her rip. Sub input is based on front left channel (no direct sub input on this amp). This works as from some reviews it seems the direct sub output of this head unit leaves simmering to be desired. Anyway, now i have full sound all 4 corners with an Android head unit that actually is a decent radio plus navigation etc. It's a little slow at times but works well. Good screen and fairly easy to navigate with a not very steep learning curve. Over 4k reviews on Amazon for it and though it was a risk, I'm happy so far.

I set up an automate widget on my phone to enable wifi hotspot for radio once it's bluetooth connected (just have to tap widget button on phone). The same widget will also disable hotspot and re-enable wifi on phone if not connected to radio bluetooth.

Only trouble installing the radio was fitment if console trim at top. Had to take the inner lip off and slightly enlarge or raise the upper part of radio opening (increase roof height) by about 2mm or so. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I'll try to help answer anything I can.
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