New Member here in SoCal

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New Member here in SoCal

Postby Prettytony1 » Fri Jan 07, 2022 2:33 am

Hey everyone!

I've been an alltrac fan for as long as I can remember but they've always alluded me.
I'm really trying to get my hands on a project alltrac asap.
Idc about the gen or whether or not it's running, as long as the body is in okay shape.
Everything else I can work on.

I've owned a 93 Celica Gt (the closest I've come to an alltrac)
Toyota Supra 93.5 MK4 (barn yard find. 2 cylinders were toast)
And I currently own an 2013 Audi s5 Quattro 6mt supercharged.

Hopefully I can learn some good stuff here and maybe find a gt4!
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