Newbie With A Newfound Passion For Camry's

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Newbie With A Newfound Passion For Camry's

Postby CANUCK88 » Thu Nov 24, 2022 11:56 am

Got my 1st camry roughly 1.5 years ago. Its an 89 automatic. Bit of a rust bucket. Nothing special. Head gasket started to go on me right away. Did a fairly indepth tune up of the whole engine while tackling the head gasket. Now Im hooked

Picked up a mint 89 parts car. Not a speck of rust. Only 116,000kms. Unfortunately it was rear ended

Picking up a 91 all trac automotic next month...

...Ive always been a big dreamer and cant shake the idea of converting this car to a 5MT 3sgte. Im even considering picking up parts on my journey home. But, my head is starting to spin and finding it difficult to search for parts and keep track of things. If anyone has some tip/partsfor me it would be greatly appreciated. Especially interested in wreckers to check out while going east to west in the upper US.

... also, ill have three low mileage 3sfe engines soo im starti g to think a .ore practical approach will be to mod and turbo one of them...

Oh the possibilities!

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