Celica All Trac ST165 Specification

US Specifications 1988


Type:Inline 4, aluminum head
ValveTrain:DOHC, 16 Valve (4 Per Cylinder)
Displacement:1998cc (2.0 Liter)
Compression: 8.5:1
Output HP:190@6000 Rpm
Output Torque:190 lb/ft@3200 Rpm
Redline: 7200 Rpm


Curb Weight:3270 lb (with options)
Weight Distrobution F/R:59/41
Wheelbase:99.4 in
Track F/R:57.9 in / 56.9 in
Length:171.9 in
Width: 67.3 in
Height:49.8 in
Ground Clearance:5.1 in


Front: MacPherson Struts, Anti Roll Bar
Rear:Struts with lateral links and 1 trailing link, Anti Roll Bar


0-60 Mph:7.7 sec (7.3 in tests)
0-100 Mph:22.4 Sec
Lateral G:.82
60-0 Mph Brake:146 feet
1/4 Mile:15.6 Sec @ 88 Mph
Top Speed: 135 Mph
70Mph-0 Brake:202ft


Fuel Capacity:15.9 Gal
Oil Capacity:4.2 Qt
Water Capacity:6.8 Qt
EPA Miles Per Gallon:20 City, 25 Highway


Standard:All Wheel Drive, Alloy Wheels, Rear Spoiler, Fog Lights, Power Windows/Locks, Leather Shift Knob, 6 Speaker AM/FM Cassette Sound System
Optional:Anti-Lock Brakes, Power Adjustable Driver Seat, Cruise Control, Leather Seats, Double Adjustable Sunroof
Oil Capacity:.82


Type:Transverse Front Engine, Full Time All Wheel Drive Viscous Coupling Limited Slip Center Differential)
Transmission:5 speed manual
Gear Ratios:1: 3.58:1, 2: 2.05:1, 3: 1.33:1, 4: 0.97:1, 5: 0.73:1, Final: 4.29:1
1/4 Mile:15.6 Sec @ 88 Mph
Top Speed: 135 Mph
70Mph-0 Brake:202ft


 Mph/1000RpmMax Speed (mph)
1:4.4Mph/1000Rpm5 speed manual
2:4.4Mph/1000Rpm5 speed manual
3:4.4Mph/1000Rpm5 speed manual
4:4.4Mph/1000Rpm5 speed manual
5:4.4Mph/1000Rpm5 speed manual


Type: rack-and-pinion, power-assisted
Turns lock to lock:2.9
Turning Circle: 35.4 ft


Front:10.0 in x 1.0 in vented discs
Rear:10.6 in x 0.4 in solid discs


Wheel Size:14x6 in
Tire Size:205/60-14
Lug Spacing:5 lug x 100mm


Model:Toyota CT26
Type: Water and Oil Cooled, Internal Wastegate
Max Pressure:10.2 psi
Intercooler:Toyota Water/Air Top Mount
Pressure Drop:~2 psi


Volume:Front: 51 cu ft, Rear: 28 cu ft, Trunk: 16 cu ft
Type: Cloth or Leather Option, bucket seat


3E5:Super Red
182:Grey Metallic
752:Dark Blue Metallic

ST165 to ST185 Evolution

  • Compression Increase to 8.8
  • Transmission Cooler Added
  • Changed to Air/Air Intercooler
  • Side Feed instead of top feed fuel rail (Same as MR2)
  • Intake manifold slighty changed (Same as MR2)
  • CT26 6 bolt turbo downpipe vs ST165 CT26 4 bolt turbo downpipe (Same as MR2)
  • Switch to Twin Entry Turbo System
  • New Flywheel (Same as MR2)
  • 15" wheels standard
Pictures Courtesy Shannon Rafferty
Information Courtesy Car and Driver

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