Celica All Trac and GT-four Performance Tuning

Modifications FAQ

This is the frequently asked question sections that tries to answer the most common questions when it comes to modifying your All Trac or GT-four. This will hopefully guide you in the right direction. In addition, there is quite a bit of "how to" in this section. If you are some questions that you would like to appear, E-mail us. If you are interested in writing some material please let us know.

Performance Part Numbers and Tuning Ideas

Here is a bit of an on line catalog of what is available for the All Trac and GT-four. We spend many hours trying to find the correct information for you and hope you can use it in some way. If you ever find any errors or missing information please support us by sending an email to help. Thanks.

A quick glance of what Toyota parts are upgrades for your All Trac

A list of places to take your All Trac / GT-four to be tuned by professionals

  • Engine

  • Brakes

  • Clutch

  • Suspension

  • ECU

  • Exhaust

  • Blow Off Valve

  • Turbo

  • Intercooler

  • Intake

  • Fuel

  • A/F meter

  • *new* shifter mods

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