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Most owners find that the attempt to upgrade their All Trac or GT-four, there seems to be a limitation on the amount of power provided by the original ECU. The stock ECU has very mild settings with economy in mind. The fuel settings are slightly rich for added safety. A properly tuned ECU along with the upgrade parts can make a substantial difference in the peak horsepower. Listed below are some ECU upgrades that do not require tuning. Also for the home tuner there are some ECU enhancements which can be wired to the ECU to squeeze a little more power from the Toyota unit. Keep in mind that if you want to unleash the full potential of your car, you should move to an aftermarket ECU that takes control of all fuel and ignition systems which can be adjusted as needed.

Aftermarket ECU systems start at less than what you might spend for a few ECU enhancements. The only drawback is that they must be installed by someone with technical ability and tuned on a dyno machine to extract the full range of power.

Aftermarket ECU ECU Upgrade ECU Enhancement


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