RC Intercooler Upgrade

Here we will profile the different parts of the ST185 RC intercooler system and how you can install them into your car. Special thanks to Justin Perrin and Justin Smallen for their continuing efforts to supply us with RC conversion information.

The Intercooler

Intercooler info here

Blow Off Valve Options:

ST165 Fitment:

The Radiator

OEM Water Radiator

Toyota Info

Other options

Other radiators

The pump

Information about what type of pump to use for the water

OEM pump

Aftermarket pump

Part Numbers

Part Number Description Cost
422130-5070 Water Radiator
16556-74020 Water Hose
16554-74020 x 2 Water Hose
16552-74020 Water Hose
16557-74020 Water Hose
16553-74020 Water Hose
16551-74020 Water Hose
Water Pump
Level Sensor

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