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While aftermarket ECUs offer the most amount of HP available, the typical owner does not have access to a dyno to tune them. They are not typically items that can be installed at home. ECU upgrades offer performance but require the ECU to be sent in for programming which cannot be removed. For the owner who wants some additional adjustable performance that can be installed and removed at home, there are these enhancements. These are the products that will alter the signals coming in or out of the ECU to achieve higher performance.

JET Performance V-Force

The JET V-Force Power Control Modules (PCM) uses the same computer tuning technology found in JET's popular domestic tuning products. A 20Mhz RISC microprocessor optimizes the ignition spark advance and recalibrates the fuel map for optimum horsepower and acceleration.

Toyota 4 cyl application PN#67009 $239.95

Venom 400

To Order VENOM™ Parts Call:

NOPI 1-888-266-6674

Venom 400 is a "little black box" that will hook to your ECU. It works with stock ECU or even better with upgraded ECU. It intercepts signals of the vehicles sensors and modifies them to achieve a more responsive system. It can be switched off and on for smog purposes. While it does not raise the peak HP much, it raises the lower end HP output to provide a more smooth power band, and create more low end power. See more details at the website.

ST185 Application Part #V40-143


The second-generation S-AFC is a fuel computer that adjusts fuel/air ratio by modifying the air-flow meter/MAP sensor signal. The S-AFC features a user-definable, eight-point, adjustable fuel curve that can be set in 500 RPM increments. The range of fuel adjustment is +/- 50% at each of the user-defined setting points. This is great for fine tuning your car after new modifications have been installed which would effect the air flow readings into the engine.

Rundown of features:

  • Eight points fuel adjustment
  • Adjustment points in 500 RPM increments
  • High and Low Throttle Fuel adjustments
  • Fuel signal adjustable +/- 50%
  • Read outs : Air Flow, RPM, Throttle, Correction
  • Displays in Digital, Analog, and Graph format
  • 60 sec record and playback of up to 3 items
  • Peak/Low Hold capability


The HKS Super AFR is a compact, easy-to-use device to adjust your air/fuel ratio. It features eleven moveable RPM points where you can adjust the fuel mixture up or down by up to 50%.

It also boasts an industry-first response correction feature, an idle adjustment, and Electronic Idle Stabilizer, which is claimed to prevent stalling or stumbling when an open-to-atmosphere blow-off valve is used.

Rundown of features:

  • Eleven points of fuel adjustment
  • Adjustment points in 50 RPM increments
  • High and Low Throttle Fuel adjustments
  • Fuel signal adjustable +/- 50%
  • Idle adjustment from 500-1500 RPM
  • BOV vent to air fuel correction


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