Blow off (dump) valve listing

The ST165 and ST185 did not come equipped with a blow off valve for turbo protection. Due to the lack of spacing and customer support kits were never created for these vehicles. Here is the information about the universal valves available so that you may create your own system. If you are buying a Blow Off Valve, regardless of brand, be sure to get the universal kit unless otherwise specified. For more information about what a Blow Off Valve is, visit the BOV FAQ

Sound: Double Sound due to twin valves.

Here is the high pitched sound small valve (WAV),

Here is the deeper sound of the large valve (MP3),

Here is a good example of what it will sound like (WAV)

Sound output can be lowered with optional insert. Notes: Due to the response and flexibility of this Valve, we recommend it overall. It cannot leak due to the reverse push/pull design. Keep in mind the universal kit does not include the flange you need to weld it together.

Route back to intake:A separate kit can be purchased to route the output of the BOV back into the intake stream for cars with AFM.

Part Number: 1422-SM01US (BOV return kit w/ hose)

Cost: $45 (retail)

Shop: Call Options Auto Salon , 1 800 678 2886


Part Number: 1421-FIT001 (BOV return fitting only)

Cost: $9 (wholesale price for + shipping

Shop: Lightning Motorsports email :

Tell him jeff at speedtoys sent you.

ST205 Installed.

PN# 1421-SA001 $225 Universal Valve Kit (No Flange)

1410-SA003 $25 Aluminum weld on flange


Extremely loud single flash of air w/ horn

Sound can lowered by removing horn.

Listen: (Idle Rev)

Listen: (Driving)

Notes: Keep away from the older series as they are slower to respond and have problems with flapper type AFM systems. This valve can be routed back into the intake stream but would require a custom welded flange.

ST165/ST185/ST205 installed pictures.

ST185 Installed (alternate install)

PN# Universal Blitz Kit (About $199)



Output changes according to boost. Has a single whoosh sound but changes to a high pitched whistle if releasing high boost. Sound level can be increased by creating a custom horn similar to the Blitz valve.

Notes: Contains a second port to help prevent leaking under high boost. These valves have a tendancy to wear out over time, but are very good for those on a budget. These can be routed back into intake via screw in adapter.

ST185 installed picture

Universal Kit (including flange)

PN# 11501650



Only loud under high boost. Due to the large diameter of the piston and the output port, the sound is not very high pitched. Has somewhat of a deep air release sound.

Listen under low boost (WAV)

Notes: Contains secondary port to prevent boost leakage under high boost. Has a high range of adjustability and a standard or race spring available. It's recommended that you are running at least 15 psi or more to take advantage of this valve. Output can be routed into intake via screw in adapter.

Universal Kit

PN# 11501660 (About $260 w/ flange)


Relatively simple quick flash of air sound. Sound output can be changed by turning the red circle base to desired sound level. Can be quite loud but only at a higher boost/airflow level.

Listen on high rev twin turbo (REAL)

Listen during a boost run (WAV)

Notes: While this Twin Chamber valve does work well with 3sgte, it is not popular due to it's boring sound. Has a secondary boost port to help with response.

ST165 Installed picture

Universal Kit (including flange)

PN# 550-A001 (About $200)



Single flash of air. Sounds similar to older style blitz.

Listen to dump valve from inside the engine bay (mp3)

Notes: Requires a tube type of installation. Custom fabrication is required.

High quality looks and design. These "dump valves" are tested to hold 60 PSI.

Installed in ST165

PN# DV 26 EVO Dump Valve (To Air) 88.13

$125 shipping included to USA


XSS.jpg (56979 bytes)


Whoosh sound, lower pitch. Capable of 106db.

Listen (Wav) at revving

Notes: Anodized stylish look. Adjustable tension with included washers. Designed for applications under 15 PSI. This is a good entry level valve, but requires custom installation.

$129 universal kit, includes weld on adapter

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XSH.jpg (58887 bytes)


Whoosh sound, lower pitch. Capable of 110db.

Notes: Similar to Type S in function and sound, but capable of higher flow. This one is recommended for higher boost / race type situations.

$169 universal kit, includes weld on adapter

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One of the louder valves around. Similar output to the former "ZEN" or current Turbosmart valve. The horn obviously creates the loud output.

Click Here to hear it revving on a WRX


The loudest offering from Turbo XS. The horn integrated amplifies greatly. If you are trying to make noise, this will do it.

$179 universal kit, includes weld on adapter

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HKS SS with insert removed on Celica Turbo

HKS SS on Supra TT

HKS Racing

Greddy Type S on Celica Turbo

Blitz (old) rev on Supra TT

Blitz DD

APEXi driving on 300ZTT

Turbo XS on NISSAN (rev)