All Trac / GT-Four Performance Clutches

The clutches featured here are made to handle more HP than a stock configuration. There are part numbers and links to the appropriate companies. Feel free to submit more information if you find it.

MR2 part numbers = The clutch plate and disc can be used but you need the proper bearing related to your ST185/ST205. Depending on the kit it may or may not work in your ST165. The manufacturer has listed the kit for a Toyota MR2 and is most likely not going to warranty the kit in your GT-four. Use at your own risk.

Which clutch is right for me?

For most applications the street disc will suffice. These are daily driver and weekend warrior types in the 300hp or less range. A stronger pressure plate and a remade disc very close to the feel of the stock clutch. A metal version is also available for some which holds more power but doesn't quite last as long. The next step up is a pad type disc. Designs vary but it's basically 8 or more "fingers" on a round disc. Since there is less area for the disc to grab, it grabs much harder than a street disc. This is also known as a SEMI RACE disc. This is the best grip for the buck and isn't that hard to control. It is quite a bit more stiff than stock so it takes some getting used to. Again there are different metal types which will vary the grip and life span. Finally there are FULL RACE disks. They are a PUCK style usually 3, 4 ,or 6 puck. This means only 3, 4, or 6 large contact areas. These grab very hard and can be very difficult to drive on the street. The manufacturers usually list these as race only. Be careful when using this style you may get more than you bargained for and wear it out very quickly.


Quick clutch strength chart

ST165 OEM ?
ST185 OEM 1650 lb clamping force
ST205 OEM 1700 lb clamping force
ACT 2300 lb clamping force
TRD Japan 2090 lb clamping force
Most street upgrade kits ~2100 lb (Estimate based on 30-40% more clamping force claims)


Best value for performance clutch. There have been some fitment problems.

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Stage 1 - Upgraded pressure plate with OEM style disc. Claims 383lb/ft torque holding power.

Stage 3 - Upgraded pressure plate with 4 or 6 puck disc. Claims 490lb/ft torque holding power.

Part Numbers/Retail Pricing

Street Disc PN# TYSD018 $65.95
4 Puck Disc PN# 4P236G $69.95
6 Puck Disc PN# 6P236G $89.95
Pressure Plate PN# T-010 $255.95
Bearing PN# RB442 $43.00


Known for outstanding street performance. Pedal feel is more harsh than others.

Offer of $100 sponsorship cash for each magazine appearance.

Stage 2 - Upgraded pressure plate with OEM disc. Claims 450hp flywheel holding power.

Stage 3 - Upgraded pressure plate with 6 pad disc. Claims 550hp flywheel holding power.

Part Numbers/Retail Pricing

MR2 Stage 2 Kit PN# $400.35
MR2 Stage 3 Kit PN# $450.50


Best overall performance out of a moderate pedal feel. Hefty price tag.

Here is a comparison of stock vs. Clutchmasters

Stage 1 - Stock organic disc with upgraded pressure plate. Nice pedal feel.

Stage 2 - Full faced Kevlar disc. More performance with a long life span.

Stage 3 - Half carbon, half Kevlar disc with pads. Serious street performance and grip.

Stage 3 - "TZ" Same materials as above, but part full contact for smoother engagement.

Stage 4 - 4 puck race only disc. Recommended for road racing.

Stage 5 - Multi puck race only disc. Recommended for drag racing.

Part Numbers/Retail Pricing

ST185 Stage 1 Kit PN# 16-061-HD00 $364.45
ST185 Stage 2 Kit PN# 16-061-HDKV $539.38
ST185 Stage 3 Kit PN# 16-061-HDC $459.88
ST185 Stage 3b Kit PN# 16-061-HDTZ $539.98
ST185 Stage 4 Kit PN# 16-061-HDCB $539.98
ST185 Stage 5 Kit PN# 16-061-HDB4 $426.38


Best value with OEM reliability. Can be installed by Toyota for warranty purposes.

Complaints (USA kit) - Will not last long without good flywheel surface. Known to chatter.

Part Numbers/Retail Pricing

Street Kit (kevlar) PN# 00602-31200-003 $391.20
Race Kit (brass) PN# 00602-31200-012 $541.65
TRD Japan Pressure Plate PN# Y33,000
TRD Japan Street Disc PN# Y17-27,000
TRD Japan Race Disc PN# Y33-42,000


Claims best clamping force for all out racing. Hefty pricetag.

Centerforce 1 - A stock type disc with 30% upgraded pressure plate. Outstanding performance with a stock pedal feel.

Dual Friction - A combination of upgraded pressure plate and disc for up to 90% strength over stock. Uses a puck type carbon surface on one side, full contact on the other side for the best of both worlds.

Part Numbers/Retail Pricing

Centerforce 1 PN# CF018900 $366.95
Dual Friction ST165 PN# DF900018 $607.95
Dual Friction ST185 PN# DF905018 "" ""
Bearing PN# 442 $56.95

Unorthodox Racing

No comments. Offers sponsorship program.

Stage 1 - Kevlar full face disc. 50% more grip.

Stage 2 - Claims holding power of 700 hp.

Part Numbers/Retail Pricing

ST165 Ultra Grip PN# 071201100 $470
ST185 Ultra Grip PN# 071204100 $480
MR2 Stage 2 PN# 07120400 $1625 (plate, race disc, aluminum flywheel)

C.A.P. Clutch

Claims 35% more clamping force. A new, not rebuilt part.

Theory - This would go great with a stock disc for uprated performance at less then OEM prices.

Part Numbers/Retail Pricing

Upgrade Pressure Plate PN# CA720HP $109


Clutchnet primarily sells race only clutches such as this one.

Clutchnet Toyota Celica Catalog


Popular high quality quick shifters from Japan. Converted from yen they run about $287. Those who own them say it's worth every penny and is a world of difference. Available for ST165/ST185/ST205

Straight from the source. These quick shifters can be bought from Japan. They also include a limited TRD shift knob which complements nicely. Some say they don't feel any shorter shift.

Price about $250.
Available for ST185


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