MR2/GT-Four Engine Parts

This contains All Trac and Gt-Four part numbers for performance related engine parts. Using the 3SGTE engine, these parts are compatible with MR2 3SGTE as well. If you have any more information than what is listed, or have corrections, please email.

Quick Engine Info

What do these parts do???

Most of the engine parts listed here are made of a material many time stronger than it's stock counterpart. Some are lighter and reduce the rotating mass of the engine. This creates more power by not making the engine work as hard. Here is a quick list of the benefits of these parts:

LIGHT FLYWHEEL- Allows quicker revs, the lighter the faster
ADJUSTABLE CAM SPROCKETS - Allows tuning of individual cams by advance or retard timing
CAMSHAFT - Allows more lift and duration of cams for better engine breathing and more HP
FORGED PISTONS - Lightweight, withstands more heat and abuse than cast pistons
FORGED RODS - Stronger to withstand stress, lightweight
PISTON RING - Performance rings to withstand high cylinder pressures
STAINLESS VALVES - Stainless steel resistant to heat and corrosion, lightweight
UNDERDRIVE PULLEY - Allows better free rev, less rotating mass
STROKER KIT - Custom crankshaft, pistons, rods. Allows a bigger combustion chamber.
METAL HEAD GASKET - Prevents blown gasket from high boost pressure.

All of these products must be special ordered from japan. In just about every case here, a cheaper similar quality is available locally. Prices are converted from Yen. Import fees may apply.
Metal Head Gasket, 1.6mm #24045 $171
Forged Connecting Rods #13901 $1,254
87MM Forged Pistons #24169 $1,501
Adjustable Cam Gears #24416 $562 *Per Pair
Camshaft #13521 $399 Intake (264 Duration, 9.56mm Lift)
#13520 $399 Intake (264 Duration, 9.12mm Lift)
#13522 $399 Exhaust (264 Duration, 9.12mm Lift)
JUN offers some of the highest quality parts available. The stroker kit to increase engine displacement is one of the keys to maximum power and torque for a 3sgte engine. These are also Japan only parts which must be special ordered. Yen converted to US dollars.
Adjustable Cam Gear #1006M-T003 $190
Stainless Valve Guides #1008M-T002 $238
87mm Piston Kit W/ Rings #1001M-T003 $1,330
Forged Connecting Rods #1002M-T002 $1,254
Stroker Kit 2.2 Liter #1029M-T001 $3,325 Crankshaft, pistons, rods, rings, etc.
Light Flywheel ST165 #2001M-T013 $625
Light Flywheel ST185* #2001M-T012 $425 4.7kg/10.6lb *Available in US
Ultralight Flywheel ST165 #2010M-T013 $665
Ultralight Flywheel ST185* #2010M-T012 $475 4.4kb/9.6lb *Available in US
HKS is more readily available in US. HKS has vast experience with 3SGTE engine. HKS has built the fastest toyota celica with a 3sgte engine. A wide selection of parts for your needs.
3SGTE Metal Head Gasket #2301-RT033 $190 0.6mm 9.1 Compression, 87.5mm
3SGTE Metal Head Gasket #2301-RT034 $228 1.0mm 8.8 Compression, 87.5mm
3SGTE Metal Head Gasket #2301-RT035 $257 1.6mm 8.4 Compression, 87.5mm
3SGTE Camshaft #2202-RT061 $342 Intake (256 Duration, 8.8mm Lift)
3SGTE Camshaft #2202-RT062 $342 Exhaust (256 Duration, 8.75mm Lift)
3SGTE Camshaft #2202-RT063 $342 Intake (264 Duration, 9.0mm Lift)
3SGTE Camshaft #2202-RT064 $342 Exhaust (264 Duration, 8.95mm Lift)
3SGTE Camshaft #2202-RT065 $342 Intake (272 Duration, 9.2mm Lift)
3SGTE Camshaft #2202-RT066 $342 Exhaust (272 Duration, 9.15m Lift)
Custom Piston Ring #2105-RT028 $133 87.00 MM
Custom Piston Ring #2105-RT029 $133 87.25 MM
Adjustable Cam Gear #2203-RT007 $200
Light Flywheel #2608-RT04 $365 ST185, 5.8kg/12.64lb

3SGTE Flywheel ST185 (8 lb) PN #061210400 $560
3SGTE Underdrive Pulley PN #021210401 $199

(Unorthodox offers a sponshorship program)
They also support group buys of 5 or more. Contact Stephen Gunter

Metal Head Gasket PN #00643-11115-001 $76

Note: It has been discovered that the TRD Metal head gasket is merely a 94 and up 3sgte metal gasket. So if you can find the OE toyota gasket for less go ahead and buy that. They generally run $50 or so. We are currently looking for the OE part number.

Valve Springs (Part number needed)

SCE claims racing gasket capable of holding 500 horsepower no problem. They also have a heat treated options which seems to release any stress and holds even more. They are popular in domestic drag racing crowd. Worth a look.

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Size PN#
Thickness .032" 91863
Thickness .043" 91864
Thickness .050" 91865
Thickness .062" 91866
Thickness .080" 91868
Thickness .093" 91869


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