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Commercially they don't exist, it's just that most vendors don't even know what is available for the all trac/gt-four. We have listed for you part numbers, and some thoughts that might help you decide which is best for you.

If you have questions about making your own exhaust system, visit here: EXHAUST FAQ

Here's a Quick Wrap up of the most popular exhausts

3" Mendrel Race Systems (2nd Cat Back)

Pipe Muffler Tip Polished? Silencer? Resonator?
NUR Spec R $559 ~75mm 160mm 114mm Yes, Stainless Steel Included Small
HKS Hiper $550 75mm ? 120mm Ceramic Coated Steel Optional Large
APEX N1 $594 75mm 160mm 115mm Yes, Stainless Steel Optional Small
Aussie $775 75mm - - Coated Stainless Steel Included Small

Aussie Exhaust System

Aussie Exhaust has developed a high flowing and high quality system for us. At this time, the system only fits ST185 however. The system is stainless steel and high flowing. This is probably the easiest exhaust system to get. It's a bolt on affair. Two muffler styles are offered.

Installed Pics:

Close up Pics:

Pricing available at www.935motorsports.com

They are mendrel bend and TIG welded for durability. The cost and wait involved with importing directly from japan is usually a problem. These are 2nd cat back systems except for the NUR spec, rear section only. On these Blitz systems they go by internal pipe diameter. To get a full diameter figure add about 5mm.

Click to see installed


70mm Pipe 114mm Tip 160mm Muffler

Rear Section Only (Right Picture)

ST185 #MT2060 $334
ST205 #MT2090 39,800 yen

Universal #MPP704 $255 Muffler

Universal #MP2104 $ 50 Silencer


70mm Pipe 114mm Tip 160mm Muffler

Includes silencer, 2nd Cat Back

ST185 #MT3070 $599
ST205 #MT3080 59,800 yen

HKS Sport Exhaust System (2nd Cat Back)

This is the most commonly used exhaust, at least in North America. It used to be rather expensive, but was the only bolt on available and in stock from most tuners. It does have a long life span as many have found. Some have complained of knocking sounds once installed. This is probably due to the fact that it was made as a more universal exhaust than a direct fitting piece. It features aluminized steel and mendrel bent piping. It is also legal.

Part# LET-T05 ST165/ST185 Universal

HKS Hi-Power Muffler 75mm Piping 120mm Tip

HKS "Race" System, incorporates the least amount of bends as possible. Must be imported, but with Blitz selling at a higher price, this might be a good alternative. Considered off road only usage. Stainless steel muffler, with ceramic coated steel piping. This system is also quiter than the rest.

ST185 PN# 3106-ST013 $590 (ST185 Installed Pic)

ST205 PN# 3106-ST011

Universal PN #3106-EX007 $220 (universal muffler only)
Silencer #3306-RA071 $32 price

APEX N1 Race System 85mm Pipe 115mm Tip 160mm Muffler

APEX also uses the least amount of necessary bends as possible. The entire system is rather expensive. For those on a budget try the universal N1 Muffler which you can have installed at any exhaust shop. The N1 system is known for it's rather loud appeal. Features large diameter stainless steel piping. It is an off road only type exhaust system.

ST185 PN# 161-T009 US$594 (ST185 installed pic)
ST205 PN# 161-T010 61200

ST205 "GT SPEC" PN# 171-T006

Universal Muffler Only PN#156-A003 $235.95 Retail

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