Aftermarket Fuel Tuning

Here we go over what type of fuel upgrades are available for the Celica All Trac / GT-Four. This is basically information with regard to what is available. For more information on what these terms mean, or how to install these items, see the Fuel Tuning FAQ (coming soon).

If you can provide some of the information missing, it would be very helpful to others


Fuel Pump

Fuel Pressure Regulator

Possible AFM upgrade

If you plan on big boost and racing, here is what I recommend...

The complete fuel tuner package:

550cc injectors

Adjustable fuel pressure regulator

Fuel pressure gauge

Air Fuel Converter (for 550s)

Supra TT fuel pump (not pictured)


The stock injectors flow 440cc/min at stock pressure. Here are some cross references and part numbers for replacement injectors. Note that by raising your fuel pressure you can effectively raise stock injectors to about 480 cc/min. Higher fuel pressures than a slight increase are not recommended for safety reasons.


OE Spec :

440cc/min NipponDenso Top Feed, identical to 87-88 Supra Turbo

Upgrade :

Description Part # Price (estimated)
NipponDenso 550cc 1 (RX7 Turbo, high imp, drop in) #195500-2020 ($79, $50 used)
NipponDenso 550cc 2 (Square Plug) #195500-1370 ($99)
NipponDenso 720cc (Square Plug, requires mod) # ($129)
RC Engineering 550cc Top Feed (Square Plug) # ($89)


OE Spec :

440cc/min NipponDenso #23250 74090, Side Feed, identical to 91-93 MR2 Turbo

Upgrade :

Description Part # Price (estimated)
Supra Twin Turbo 550cc (drop in) #
NipponDenso 550cc Side Feed (drop in) #


Stock fuel pump specs

ST165 (MA70 N/A)


ST205 (JZA80 N/A)

180 lph @ 43psi @ 12volts

225 lph @ 43psi @ 14v (estimated)

JZA80 TT Fuel Pump

PN# 23221-46110 (pump)

PN# 23217-46110 (gas filter)

Nippondenso PN# 195130 - 1020 (same as RX7 twin turbo)
Price: $250 new, $185 discounted, $99 refurbished

260 lph @ 43 PSI @ 12 volts (tested)

290 lph @ 42 PSI @ 13.5 volts (tested)

230 lph @ 71 PSI @ 13.5 volts (tested)

For just about every situation, the JZA80 Fuel Pump is the best upgrade for you.

This is equivalent to the HKS fuel upgrade pump. No special hardware is required to bolt it in.

Even if you do not plan to race your car, this is still a recommended replacement. Note: Even

as a stock replacement, your fuel pressure will increase. This pump works fine in both high &

low mode.

Walbro Fuel Pump


Price: $100-$125

213 lph @ 40 PSI @ 12 volts

255 lph @ 40 PSI @ 13.5 volts

If you are really into racing, this is the pump for you. While the rating is a conservative 255 liters per

hour, it actually out performs the Supra TT fuel pump. It is capable of higher pressures (thus improving

the rating) for longer periods of time than the Supra TT. Some have complained of it's noise when

bumped up to higher voltages/pressures. You need to be running alot of HP to justify this pump.

Note: Most upgrade pumps on the market are actually Walbro fuel pumps. Note: This is more of a

racing pump and has some difficulty running in low mode. It is suggested that you run it at constant

high voltage.

Bosch Fuel Pump

PN# 0580254-984 (see also -979 & -975)
Price: $285 @, $242 w/ discount code at

215 lph @ 43 PSI @ 12 volts

200 lph @ 50 PSI @ 12 volts

237 lph @ 42 PSI @ 13 volts

212 lph @ 71 PSI @ 13 volts

Here is another option for you. This is a high volume pump that is OEM in Delorean, Porsche, and

is used in Lancer EVO rally cars. This pump might seem like it doesn't quite flow as well as the others,

But there is something that you don't get to see. At 80 psi all other pumps drop their flow to almost half

of the rated flow. Bosch is the only pump that can hold it's pressure AND flow rating. It's a true racing pump

for those that require reliable flow. Only the walbro HP can compare in the upper ranges, but even it loses to

Bosch in the end. For the most part this is more than you would ever need. This out flows the 190

lph pump that is considered the "racing" pump for Eclipses. If you can find it for under 200 bux then it

is a steal.

Nippondenso Fuel Pump

PN# 1951301020

Price: ~$249

250 lph @ 43 PSI @ 12 volts

262 lph @ 42 PSI @ 13.8 volts

205 lph @ 71 PSI @ 13.8 volts

This is also an extremely high flow capacity fuel pump. This pump is popular in the DSM racing crowd.

As with the Supra TT fuel pump, this is also an OE fuel pump. This pump is the stock piece out of the

Japan Spec RX7 Twin Turbo "Cosmo" monster. If you can find a deal on this one, pick it up. Should be

just as smooth and reliable as stock. We have no information on how well this fits our fuel tank setup.


Coming soon...


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