All Trac / GT-four Intake Systems

Here we profile one of the more important aspects of turbo performance. Air intake systems. A high flow intake will increase boost response significantly. In most cases peak boost rises from .5 to 1 psi with no other modifications. Additionally, it allows the turbo to breathe at the top end of the horsepower curve where the stock filter runs out of air. Surprisingly however, the stock filter does a nice job of moving air. Rather than the typical paper filter most cars use, it uses a dense cotton type material. The problem is that they clog very easily, and cannot be cleaned. Included below are part numbers and retail pricing.

For frequently asked questions and answers about intake systems, to go the Modifications FAQ

For use with all universal cone filter kits:

HKS Air Flow Meter Adapter for Universal Filter PN# 17106-001124 $29 at


The most famous of them all. K&N offers a stock replacement drop in filter. The easiest filter installation available. Offers a higher flow washable filter. A separate cleaning kit is required. The last filter you will ever buy. Offers limited million mile warranty. 50 State emissions legal.

PRO: Simple installation, vehicle specific part numbers, filter remains inside box, resistant to heat. Inexpensive.
CON: Not an open air filter ideal for maximum horsepower gain, although K&N cone kits are being developed in the UK. Stay tuned.

K&N Insert filter PN # 33-2030 $35-45
K&N Cleaning kit PN # 99-5000 $10.99

#2 in filtration test

One of the most popular high flow filters is now available in insert form. Identical to the K&N insert style, but made from high flow famous HKS green foam

PRO: Simple installation, vehicle specific part numbers, filter remains inside box, resistant to heat.
CON: Difficult to clean

Part Number #1506-ST001 $39 at

Available for $31.95 at

Known as the highest cleaning ability in a aftermarket performance filter due to it's paper design. Yet this unit still allows higher flow than the standard replacement from Toyota.

PRO: Simple installation, vehicle specific part numbers, filter remains inside box, resistant to heat, easy to clean paper design.
CON: Performance suffers over time, ruined if becomes wet

Part Number #503-T102

Availability unknown, check your APEX'i dealer

Most would argue the best performance for Toyota comes from toyota. This is Toyota Racing Development of Japan's High Flow Filter. It is a foam style which claim higher power output than standard paper or K&N style cotton. This item used to be rare, but is now available through your local dealer.

PRO: Simple installation, vehicle specific part numbers, filter remains inside box, resistant to heat. Toyota quality.

Part Number #00642-17801-004 From Toyota

Retail Price: 74.99

All Trac Club Discount Price: 64.95

Click here to order

The widely known HKS intake. A funnel shaped air horn smooths air in fast. Not known for low end response, but the filter of choice on many turbo high horsepower applications. Element is replaceable by unscrewing a knob and lifting the top screen. There is a bolt on kit for ST185, and ST205. The ST185 kit contains adapter, filter, and small elbow to turn the filter towards the battery. It can be adapted to ST165 with little effort.

PRO: Air horn intake, easy to replace element, bolt on easy installation
CON: Slight low end lag, more expensive than other intakes, costly replacement screens

#5 in filtration test, very poor

ST185 Kit 150mm Filter, 70mm Inlet $139

PN# 1504-SPFT03 at

Available for $129 at

ST205 Kit 200mm Filter 100mm Pipe 21,800 Yen


These are aftermarket performance filters that are not necessarily designed to be on a Celica All Trac. The companies offer universal versions that can be adapted with minor modification. In most cases this requires removing the battery and relocating it to the rear. You can read about an All Trac Club member that performed this modification on his ST185 All Trac. Some filters require a universal adapter which turns the 3sgte Air Flow Meter into a 3" round opening which most filters accommodate. More information about this adapter is found at the bottom of the page.

CLICK HERE to read about Matthew Crawley and his battery relocation project.

Unique Greddy/Gracer Airinx Air Filter. High flow, high horsepower capability. Double Material Foam filter for maximum filtration. Inside air horn for more air velocity. Using this intake requires custom mod as the filter itself is too large to fit in the engine bay without moving battery to the trunk. Has a nice quick release key at the front to remove screen and foam without effort.
PRO: High flow capacity
CON: Extremely expensive, replacement elements expensive, no all trac specific application

125121100 TOYOTA 3sgte Adapter TM-10 55.95

12500132 UNIVERSAL ADAPTER 70mm XM-02 49.95

12500002 AIRINX AX-M FILTER (LARGE) 119.95

12500001 AIRINX AX-S FILTER (SMALL) 115.95




The new Apex Power intake. Known for it's high performance products Apex has stepped with what it claims to be the maximum flow on the market. The power intake replaces the Apex super intake which was made of stainless steel. The twin intake design l

PRO: Dry type filter, no oil involved, Double intake (top and sides)
CON: Slightly pricey, custom work required.

#1 in filtration test
PN# 500-A021 UNIVERSAL FILTER $69.95


*Generic 3sgte adapter required

Bltiz joins the air intake arena with a 100% stainless steel mesh filter. Claims traps particles as small as 150 microns. Much more filtration than a foam or cotton filter. It is washable and never needs to be replaced.

Click here to see blitz installed on GT-four

PRO: Very durable and strong, high filtration, exotic style
CON: Not smog legal, expensive, harder to install than other cone filters

#4 in filtration test
Kit including adapter
26047 MR-2 T SW20 1990-94 $184.95


26000 Core C1 (6" x 7.75" Opening - 6") $94.95

26001 Core C2 (5" x 7.75" Opening - 6") $94.95

26002 Core C3 (5.5" x 6" Opening - 4.5") $89.95

26163 Adapter for C3 Core 60mm $104.95

26164 Adapter for C3 Core 70mm $104.95

26160 Adapter for C1/C2 Core 70mm $114.95

All prices are from

The MR2 kit will come with appropriate 3sgte adapter. You may also be able to use some of the mounts, but the installation will still have to be custom. You can buy the blitz core and the 60 or 70mm adapter which will allow you to custom mount your own setup. You will also need a generic 3sgte AFM adapter.



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