Celica All Trac / GT-Four Aftermarket Suspension Parts

Here we discuss the "other" suspension parts. These are the parts that the average driver would not replace. Some of these parts can cause less than desirable results on the street, but are considered necessary for track or other race inspired driving.

Keep in mind this area is under construction. Many of the part numbers are not provided.

If you have any more information please email us.

Strut Tower Bar

This will significantly reduce the body roll when cornering. In hard cornering the un-braced parts of the chassis tend to flex. The strut bar will help prevent the chassis from flexing under hard cornering. By reducing the chassis flex, it will divert the cornering force to the springs and shocks and not to the chassis In order to balance this effect both front and rear bars must be used. Using only a single bar will cause a difference in handling characteristics. This may or may not be desired depending on your driving style.

Celica All Trac ST165 Part # Estimated Price Notes
Rear 151511A ~$125
Celica All Trac ST185 Part # Estimated Price Notes


152510A ~$125 Adjustable Tension


152511A ~$125
Celica GT-Four ST205 Part # Estimated Price Notes


153510A ~$125 Adjustable Tension


153511A ~$125

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Under Car Brace

ST165 151261 Roll Cage
ST185 (1) 152475A RC model
ST185 (2) 152477A RC model
ST185 152261 Roll Cage
ST205 (1) 153475A 5 Speed
ST205 (2) 153477A 5 Speed
ST205 153261 Roll Cage

Adjustable / Aluminum Strut Top

When your vehicle has been lowered for great handling characteristics, it throws off the adjustment of your car. The angle at which the wheel sits is called camber. If you notice some race cars seem to have the top of the wheel tilted in. This is negative camber which is great for racing, but not daily driving. Lowering your car will cause negative camber which will wear out the inside of your tires. Using adjustable camber plates will allow you to return the camber to it's correct specification. It will also allow you to adjust the camber to a race spec when at the track. Aluminum strut tops area racing only type of suspension part. The rubber strut tops absorb the road well but cannot handle the abuse of racing. Changing these strut tops will give you a bit of a harsh ride and increased road noise.

Celica All Trac ST185 Part # Estimated Price Notes


151-410A ~$230/pr Adjustable Camber


151-411A ~$230/pr

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Polyurethane Bushings

Super Pro Bushings

Information coming soon, a full listing of bushings that are available can be found at 935motorsports.com

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