All Trac / GT-Four Shifter Upgrade

The original GT4 shifter leaves much to be desired. The shifter itself was upgraded and improved upon through the years. Here we go over what you can do to upgrade your shifter for faster more responsive throws.

Toyota Upgrade

The ST204 shifter (94-99 Celica) seems to be an excellent upgrade for ST165 and 90-91 ST185. It has a longer shaft after the ball for a reduction in throw. It can generally be found used for under $50. New price from toyota is ~$100 (25% discount).

92-93 is another upgrade possible for ST165 or 90-92. Installing into an ST165 is a little more work, but certainly possible.

90 to 93, what is the difference???

The 90-91 shifter has a metal assembly and parts came separately for replacing. The 92-93 shifter came as a full assembly with a slightly longer bottom shaft, reducing throw. The 92-93 shifter assembly is also plastic. You can replace the entire assembly or just the shifter if you are doing a 90 upgrade. Here is a pic showing the difference by Matt Crawley. The 92+ assembly is on the left, 90-91 on the right.

90 -- 92 upgrade article by Adrian B

Part numbers :

33530-20550 92-93 assembly $124 retail ~$100 discounted (same as CS/GRP A Shifter)

33530-20530 92+ CS RHD assembly

xxxxxx-xxxxxx 94+ shifter assembly (part # needed)

Shifter Mod

This popular page by Dennis heath details how you can modify your own shifter by cutting the shaft and welding it to make it longer. The longer shaft under the "ball" makes the overall throw much shorter.


TWM Performance

This company has taken the time to support the All Trac group as well as other older celica models. They offer the proper shifter for 90-91 celicas as well as 92-93. An ST165 shifter is currently in the works. The reviews are excellent for the 90-91 years. 92-93 models have also been tested and confirmed proper fitment by one of our members. Pricing is at $115. Click here for order page.

Be sure to mention you saw them on!

JSPEED Shifter

Quality kit from Japan for ST165, but expensive to import. Yi Joe has provided us detailed notes on installation and pictures:

JSpeed installation

Popular high quality quick shifters from Japan. Converted from yen they run about $287, before import costs. Those who own them say it's worth every penny and is a world of difference. Available for ST165/ST185/ST205

Straight from the source. These quick shifters can be bought from Japan. They also include a limited TRD shift knob which complements nicely. Some say they don't feel any shorter shift when compared to 93 style. It is designed for the JDM model so it will lean slightly to the passenger side.

Price about $250.
Available for ST185

Part # 00602-30301-004 (94-99 celica) $179

Part # 30301-STB02 (japan) Shifter and shift knob

Part # 33530-STB00 (japan) Mount and shift knob kit


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