Celica All Trac / Gt-Four Performance Springs

Lowering and performance springs are quite hard to find. There tend to be more sources outside of the US. Here are the part numbers of the ones we have found so far. For information about specs and spring rates, visit the Spring FAQ.

Performance Spring Kit Part Numbers

Brand Model Part # Estimated Cost
ST165 00602-48130-012 $239
ST185 00602-48130-009 $239


Need for Speed UK Phone #011 44 1436678777

ST165 ? $175 Imported
ST185 75.1.013 $199
ST185 234-T019 $250 Imported
ST185 71602 + 79213 $198
ST185 no part #, email : keith@jamex.co.nz ~$170 + Import Fees from New Zealand

New springs!!

Megan Racing ST185 350F/300R

B&G Springs ST165 and ST185, 1.5" lowering

More information soon!

Alternative Solutions

Coilover Springs

Coilovers offer the choice of spring rate for your particular application, plus the ability to lower and raise the vehicle as you see fit. There is no "bolt on" application for these. Universal kits are available which require you to do away with the perch that a normal spring would sit on, and weld the mount (collar) for the new coilover kit. From that point on the spring sits on a small perch that can go up and down the collar with a special tool.

Ground Control offers this kit for $399 with your choice of spring rate. There is no actual part number as the application varies from person to person based on usage. 935 Motorsports carries these.

Newer Model Year

If you can get a hold of a pair of ST185 springs for your ST165, you will get stronger springs for a lighter car, so in turn, you will have inexpensive performance springs. You can see in the spring FAQ the ST185 springs are quite a bit stronger than ST165. The ST185 rear springs fit fine, but the fronts are wider. If you can change over to ST185 strut housings, you can then use ST185 struts and springs.

Celica GTS Springs

In many cases standard Celica GTS springs will offer a lower ride height and nice ride for your All Trac. That is, if the company who designed the springs made them strong enough to put up with the weight of the All Trac. Some seem to work, others make things worse. As long as your shocks are not worn, you can get away with it. I'll offer the part numbers just for your knowledge, but you are on your own.

Year Brand Part #
90-95 Eibach 8207.140
88-89 Eibach 8212.140
90+ H&R 54687

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