Celica All Trac / Gt-Four Aftermarket Struts

Performance Struts

935 Motorsports has just about every suspension part you can think of in stock!!!

Koni offers the best bang for the buck in entry level suspension tuning. The infinitely adjustable "Sport" struts are available for front applications only in the US. For more information about getting a rear Koni setup, see the Suspension FAQ. For comparison, this is a twin tube type strut. The part numbers are the same for All Trac and Celica, but many have raved about the performance of this strut in their All Trac.

Front #8641-1115 Sport Adjustable Gas Insert $173.41

Front #8641-1211 Sport Adjustable Gas Insert $173.41

Rears are not available to us, but you can use the GTS rear Koni for a basic street car. See the GTS section below.

Whiteline in australia sells Koni's that have been properly revalved for the rear. Some modification is necessary. They also sell a complete performance kit.

(Front and rear struts, performance springs, upgraded rear sway bar with replacement bushings.)

Read their article to see how this improved the ST185 performance

KYB GR-2 struts are available for All Trac as a basic stock replacement. These are relatively inexpensive strut to replace old and worn stock struts. KYB shares the same part number with the standard Celica which limits it's performance due to the weight of the All Trac. They do work great with a set of stronger aftermarket springs to provide every day comfort with just a touch of performance.

Front #365064 $45.51

Front #365075 $45.51

The proper strength Front and Rear All Trac/Gt-four KYB Struts are available from Fensport.com in the UK 49.95 for front, 68.50 for rear


KYB AGX is the best bang for the buck strut available. These are 4 way adjustable and have proven themselves as the top choice for most performance and hard driving.

Part #765015 ST165 Front

Part #765016 ST185 or ST185 Rear, with custom strut insert modification

Note: 765015 is just a little bit too long to fit into the ST185 housing. If you desire to use AGX, you can modify the front housing to suite.

Gab Super HP are the best performance bolt on struts available within slight reach of most users. They offer the most adjustable unit for off the shelf struts. Both rebound and compression are adjustable providing 8 way tuning. Unfortunately they are no longer available, but you will find some used.


It has been proven now that 91-95 Toyota MR2 front inserts will fit in the same strut housing as the original All Trac parts in some cases. MR2 rear struts generally will work for the rears as a rear strut insert. To find out more about making replaceable rear struts visit the Suspension FAQ. It has been determined that the ST165 strut is longer than the ST185 strut. With this in mind, the MR2 front struts will only be compatible with ST165. MR2 Front struts could still be used as rears in ST185, since the actual lengths don't matter in that custom conversion. One thing to consider, is that MR2 rear is actually setup to be stronger then the front, due to the engine being in the rear. KYB has already been listed, so here are the Tokico part numbers.

91-95 MR2 Tokico Illumina 5 way Adj Front Strut Insert Pn# BZ3125

91-95 MR2 Tokico Illumina 5 way Adj Rear Strut Insert Pn# BZ3126

Replacement Struts

These struts are basically designed to replace the original OE equipment. While they advertise "performance" they share the same part numbers with Celica. Again the fact comes into play that the All Trac is much heavier than a standard Celica. So these struts may or may not suit your needs, but they are listed for All Trac none the less. If you have any experience with any of these struts please E-mail us so we know the full story.


Gabriel's focus is a smooth ride. So these struts are made to absorb the bumps of the road, rather than performance. The VST technology is supposed to stiffen the shock under harsh conditions. Struts of this nature are often too slow to react in any type of performance situation.

Front #G44982 Gas Ryder w/ VST Technology $ 81.99
Rear #G55580 They list this as the rear, but Gabriel is not aware of 4wd in 88-89, so it is wrong.

Front #G44995 Gas Ryder w/ VST Technology $ 81.99
Rear No application


Monroe lists part numbers, but "Not for 4wd", so if someone tries to sell you these, do not go for them.

(Quoted from Alamomotorsports.com)

While these are specifically for celica, Tokico struts are uprated from stock. A few users have used these in their All Trac and were quite happy with them, so they are here for your curiosity.

(ST162 Standard Celica)
Front #HZ3140 Tokico HP $ 67.95
Rear R #HZ3043 Tokico HP $111.95
Rear L #HZ3044 Tokico HP $111.95

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