Cross Reference of GT-Four upgrades

There are plenty of upgrades available right within our own vehicle lineup. Here is a quick version of what is known to work for us. If you have other possibilities please Email us.

JZA80 = 1993-1998 Supra TT

MA70 = 1987-1992 Supra Turbo

SW20 = 1991-1995 MR2 Turbo

Fitment levels

= Bolt on, no modification required

= Slight modification required, minor difficulty

= Heavy modification required, difficult but can be done

= Extreme modification, may need professional help/fabrication

= Not recommended, but possible


  • ST185 Front Brakes
  • ST185 15" Alloy Rims
  • ST185 CD/Tape/Radio
  • 1993 Celica Shifter (Short)
  • ST205/JZA80 TT Fuel Pump
  • ST185 Twin entry turbo setup
  • ST185 Exhaust system
  • ST165 UK Spec Turn Signals (Half Clear)
  • ST185 RC engine/intercooler swap
  • MA70 Front Brake Swap
  • JZA80 Front Brake Swap
  • MA70 Turbocharger Swap
  • MA70 Front Mount Intercooler


  • ST205 Front Brakes
  • ST205 16" Alloy Rims
  • 1993 Celica Shifter (Short)
  • ST205/JZA80 Fuel Pump
  • JZA80 550cc Fuel Injectors
  • JZA80 Fuel Filter
  • MA70 Front Mount Intercooler
  • ST185 RC Water Intercooler
  • ST185 RC Hood/Bumper
  • ST185 Japan Spec Ceramic Turbocharger
  • MA70 Turbocharger Swap
  • ST205 CT20 Turbochager Hybrid


  • ST205 WRC High Wing Extensions
  • ST205 WRC Water Injection Activate
  • ST205 WRC Anti Lag Activate