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Database contents updated July 22, 2010

Year Prod. # Color Name State/Province Email; Website Comments
1990 not given Black Rob California 84k, worn out clutch
1990 not given Red Leo Aguayo California 180k; not running and don't know what's wrong
1990 not given Red Steve California
bought 72k in bad shape; new paint, new motor, now stock and in good shape
1990 not given Red Luis Sanchez Puerto Rico 95k, upgraded turbo, dp
1990 91 White Joey Colautti Ontario 5/07, 260km, replaced ps pump 250km
1990 313 Black David H. California Considered salvage, bought from junkyard along with a JDM front clip. Car was running when I brought it home and it looks like previous owner used Toyota parts. Door sticker says it's the 187th Alltrac to roll off.
1990 539 White Nanette Bentley Kansas City
1990 634 Red Minnesota on eBay, 7/06, 178k
1990 686 White Tom Bauer Ontario; 4th owner, purchased Jan. '02 with 207km; Mar. '02, engine and turbo replacement; Jan. '03, 220km, Whiteline suspension kit; Jul. '03, custom stereo and front console; Aug. '03, gutted cat; Oct. '03 adjustable front Koni struts; Nov. '03 rear subframe overhaul; Jan. '04, 236km, ATS knock sensor
1990 833 Red Keith Harley New Hampshire bought at 163k, replaced frozen caliper, fuel injection sensor; needs rear diff mount replaced; has intake mod and lightweight battery, plan ct20b upgrade; have system 10 and original window sticker
1990 1214 Red Jon Shreiner Indiana #443 off production line in 11/89; 149k, bought and has leaking PS, cam seals, rotted sway bar bushings but runs strong; 150k broken left e-brake piece. Update 2/05: on eBay; Update 3/10: new owner, 163k, rebuilding turbo, added 2001 wheels
1990 1233 Black David Broetzmann Nevada 107k, bought car in 12/99; Since then I've changed: front axles, rear calipers, all brake pads, battery, clutch (twice), alternator, starter, entire engine for a rebuilt one, most vacuum & coolant lines, sunroof motor, converted to R134; cracked, worn leather seats & restrictive exhaust are next on list.
1990 1396 Black New York on eBay, 11/07, 227k; reports completely stock and in excellent condition
1990 1548 White Daniel Lubs Indiana just bought the car @ 160k and running well; replaced clutch MC
1990 1580 Red Tim Carigan South Carolina bought at 125k; now has bad turbo seals, blown struts, bad ebrake; update 1/2005, now for sale on eBay with 126k; 8/05, 129k, for sale from Florida on Autotrader; update 8/07, new owner, 130, replaced PS & steering rack
1990 1651 Burgundy Philippe Marchand Washington more info to come…
1990 1693 White Alexandre Bergeron Quebec
9/07, 300km, brembo discs, pbr pads, replaced suspension bushings, bottom door rockers should be redone
1990 1811 Red Joe P. Florida on Autotrader 2/08, Kansas, 69k; update 8/09, new owner, 75k, replaced HG
1990 1889 Black Thomas Poulter California A/C leaks repaired; engine oil seals, water pump, timing belt; 120k leaking spark plug lead replaced
1990 2044 White Matt Short Ontario 2/07, 340km; 325km, put in used (110km) motor, replacing clutch and looking for a turbo, rusty underside
1990 2139 Red Vic Mendez California 10/09, 180k and running good
1990 2151 Gray Texas on Autotrader, 12/06, 155k, stock and clean
1990 2223 Blue Dustin Thompson Kentucky spun bearing, replaced with JDM remanufacture; rebuilt turbo and tranny
1990 2239 Red Wisconsin on eBay, 9/06, 174k, dented pass. door, lf render, rr fender
1990 2645 Black Aaron Massachusetts
1990 2808 Maroon Dan McGarry Kansas City bought 9/04 @ 123k, came with new radiator, bypass hose, aussie DP, Apexi turbo timer, HKS bov, TWM short shifter, 17x7 wheels, has bad ps leak
1990 3174 Red Ben Levesque Saskatchewan Bought 2009, 250km; repaired rear brake lines, idles rough & hard to start after sitting, possible ex.manifold leak
1990 3223 Red Evan Clavecillas Hawaii Bought 5/06, @ 79,613 miles
1990 3323 Red New Hampshire on eBay, 6/07, 17,729 miles!!!! Stored for 6 years, occasional driving since then, very clean, stock
1990 3364 Red Colorado on eBay, 9/06, 183k, jdm motor, fmic
1990 3388 Black Walker California Added 4/10, 142k; new clutch, but low boost pressure
1990 3421 Black Not given Oregon not given
1990 3437 Black Steve Ramsay Quebec Bought in 2000, 120km; 130km front struts/springs; 140km steering rack, all tie rods, bushings, ball joints, front wheel bearings; 145km, rear control arms; 150km, brake/fuel lines replaced; 165km, put in GenIII motor, tranny, 4-puck ceramic clutch, replaced motor/trans mounts; have 3" exhaust, hks fcd & boost controller; body in rough shape
1990 3445 White Henry Chan California Totalled
1990 3706 Black Fraser Alberta;
on eBay, 11/07, 61k, stock and very clean; update 1/08, now owned in Alberta, timing belt changed, runs perfectly
1990 3780 Black Wayne Kroll Idaho System 10 head unit, knock sensor 130k; alternator, battery 129k; turbo 125k
1990 3839 Red Chris Mitchell Rhode Island 92k, have only had minimal troubles until recently. Car was t-boned by a truck while parked and may be totalled, but am trying to keep it alive.
1990 3850 Black Gayle Iowa 1/07, 129k, 3" dp and mid
1990 3865 White German Morales North Carolina seen on eBay 3/2005, 153k; supposedly awd removed! Update 11/05: 154k, bought without realizing awd was gone; has ct20 (not ct20b) turbo and not making much power; need to return to stock turbo and drivetrain. Update 6/06: Is now a show car, FMIC but still some engine troubles
1990 4149 Red California on eBay, 4/06, 197k, engine rebuilt & turbo replaced, unknown mileage
1990 4236 Burgundy Tim Plessing Maryland bought from original owner; TVM short shifter, Aussie DP & MP, HKS Hiper, 46 trim CT26; 134k, new clutch, distributor; 136k, both rear wheel bearings; 145k, new factory carpet; 148k, new radiator and rebuilt turbo; 152k, sold to Danny in Virginia, 9/03; update, see below!!
1990 4236 Burgundy Chris Fowler Oklahoma Bought from Danny in 8/04 with turbo/tranny troubles, currently at 160k
1990 4253 Gray Robert Drum North Carolina
1990 4343 Other Ben Alabama 2/07, 150k, being restored
1990 4449 White Nicholas MacDonald Nova Scotia Bought the car with tranny 2, 4 and reverse problems, plus little things. Has 170km now; update 3/06, on eBay, 185km, stock and well-maintained
1990 4603 Red Joseph K. Washington Bought 11/05, 65k; needs turbo rebuild, front wheel bearings, front brakes and antenna, expect to do HG and clutch soon.
1990 4617 Red Stephane Quebec
Bought 2/07, 334km with 90km on jdm engine/tranny; replaced passenger front axle, tie rod ends, leaking brake line, have 2nd gear grind and overheating troubles
1990 4706 Red Nici M Manitoba Bought 6/06, 195km; currently getting timing belt, gaskets, runs well but some 2nd gear trouble
1990 4802 Red Steve Maine Bought from dealer wholesale 111k, some rust, replaced exhaust, both rear wheel spindles/bearings, plugs, wires, rotor, cap, hit by SUV and damage to l/r quarter panel, getting front wheel bearings replaced, 1/06, 132k
1990 4891 Burgundy Kelan McDowell Florida Canadian-spec, 160km, rust, boost leak, broken speedo/odo, no-working sunroof, wipers, antenna
1990 4979 Gray 182k, bought from an member; engine had just been torn down and checked out; rebuilt turbo, bad speedo cable, possible tranny leak, working on timing belt; has 184k as of 7June05; update 2/06, car has been sold
1990 5012 Red Vincent Lau California Currently at 113k; 105k, synchros started to fail in 3rd & 4th, replaced used tranny and now 3rd synchro is going; ps leaking oil and coolant leaking for coolant resevoir hose
1990 5255 White Eric Hines New Mexico 160k, just bought 2 weeks ago; replaced HFH
1990 5273 Red Martin Vincent Quebec; 8/07, 340km, just bought
1990 5502 Black Minnesota on Ebay, 10/06, 131k, stock but fair amount of body rust
1990 5744 Black Stefan Maryland Original owner, 221k. Daily driver until '02, barely driven since then; beginning slow restoration project. Lots of routine mechanical issues over the years but still stock motor and turbo; no boost now but still passes emissions
1990 5753 Black New York on Ebay, 9/05, 212k; 198k jdm motor/tranny
1990 5955 Black California on Ebay, 2/05, 111k; full conversion to 205 WRC spec
1990 6076 White Omar Butt Alberta;
5/07, 73km
1990 6107 Gray Robert Beckwith Maine 3rd owner, bought in 2002; whiteline suspension kit, have CS parts to install, in great shape; 4/06, 111k
1990 6136 Red Wisconsin on Autotrader, 9/06, 92k, greddy tt, turboxs bov & mbc
1990 6212 Black Justin P. Rogerson Pennsylvania 98k, turbo went out
1990 6247 Red Scott Messeck Vermont 8/09, 140k; replace starter, cruise control keeps shutting off
1990 6249 Black Jonathan Shreiner Indiana 90k, replaced alternator; 150k, replaced clutch; 176k, engine blew a rod due to oil starvation while cornering, replaced with jdm motor; update 12/09, 176k, replaced trans, clutch, fw, rear diff seals; 184k motor died; working on rebuild & hope to be out in 2010
1990 6273 Red Brady Ryall Manitoba 95km, A/C freon leaked out, continues to leak each winter; 115km, rear diff pinion seal leak; 125km, rear diff rebuild; 140km, turbo rebuild; 190km, hose from hell replaced; 195km, front wheel bearings replaced; 201km, engine overhaul, voluntary to fix leaks & change t-belt
1990 6441 White Martin Valent West Virginia; No major problems; 170k, sticky rear caliper replaced, otherwise plenty of tune-ups and upgrades
1990 6490 White Oklahoma eBay 10/06, 69k, catback, front strut bar, poly motor mounts, short shifter
1990 6521 Black seen on eBay 1/2005, 118k
1990 6544 White Colin Meighen Wisconsin; Bought 162k, currently 190k; 162k, clutch replaced; 170k, replaced distributor, cap; 180k, replaced radiator, temp sensors, hoses; running quite strong now
1990 6675 Black Olivier Berthiaume Quebec had it at 188km; turbo wrecked an oil seal 3-4 months later when running at 15psi; need to change rear diff. mount; has an HKS turbo timer; never ran higher than stock boost before I bought it
1990 6741 Black Zeng California 4/10, 177k, AFM failed; bought '06 or '07, rebuild @ 167k
1990 6788 White Oregon on eBay, 1/06, 140k, reported to be in stock condition with usual repairs having been made
1990 6925 Black Harry Schummer Ontario Bought at 107k miles, minor cosmetic repair, still working on cold idle problem
1990 6928 Gray Joe Sullivan Colorado;
1990 6964 Black California on eBay, 11/05, 185k, jdm motor
1990 6973 Red Michael Thatcher Oklahoma;
1990 7012 Red Ruel Budd Indiana No problems, runs like a dream!
1990 7065 Red Brett Mecham Colorado;
Bought 5/05 w/rebuilt motor but bad tranny & turbo; 8/07, 210k, rebuilt turbo, new tranny, clutch, 3" exhaust, coilovers, brakes, pass. wheel bearing
1990 7106 Black Michigan on Ebay, 7/05, 188k
1990 7130 Red Dan Washington 4/10, 149k
1990 7178 Black Florida on Ebay, 7/05, 237k
1990 7406 Red Tim Plessing Maryland 48k bought it and rebuilt turbo; 65k, clutch master and slave cylinders, front struts and left rear wheel bearing, then sold to Nick P. in Maryland, 1/02
1990 7435 Blue Tim Plessing Maryland 7/01, 142k, bought from original owner with original clutch, turbo, radiator; 14Xk, replaced rear diff. cushion and rear wheel bearing; now 152k getting new Toyota short block, rebuilt heads with HKS 264 cams and HKS cam gears; rebuilding/replacing much of engine accessories and front suspension, plus HPC coating too many to list
1990 7582 Red Robby Staveland Colorado Bought 4/06, second owner, paperwork on all maintenance; 108k engine/clutch replaced, otherwise original and stock, 9/06 145k
1990 7674 Black Stuart Pechin Hawaii 4/08, 79k, runs great!
1990 7753 Gray Joel Bevacqua New Jersey 112k, stock, replaced clutch, has some rust issues, no A/C or heater core; work in progress
1990 7785 White James Forrest British Columbia bought 1/07, 248km
1990 7798 Black Dave L Indiana bought 11/99, 80k, 2nd owner; hydrolock @ 125k, JDM swap; bottom-end rebuild 150k, daily driver since '99
1990 7810 Red Colorado on Ebay, 5/05, 134k; some body damage and tired turbo
1990 7858 Gray Tim Plessing Maryland 7/03, bought from original owner; 70k, new turbo, HG, radiator, seals; 82k, front/rear struts; 88k, midpipe; 97k left front wheel bearing; 104k, PS pump, HP line; 110k, water pump, timing belt, front seals; 116k, rear diff cushion, oil cooler gaskets, HFH, upgraded turbo to 46 trim, Aussie DP
1990 8169 Gray Massachusetts on eBay 1/08, 160k, mods reported at 331hp, small fender dent
1990 8277 Red on Autotrader, 7/07, 86k; RC conversion w/FMIC, full KONI suspension, needs HG
1990 8280 Black Landon Ivy Oregon 11/09, 141k; originally red, replaced water pump, timing belt, various hoses, brakes, CAI, MBC
1990 8392 Black seen on eBay, 3/05
1990 8434 Red Mark Leake Missouri 5/07, 160k, new engine/tranny coming
1990 8468 Gray Waylon Roberts New York Bought, 111k, with blown HG, motor/tranny pulled and waiting RC motor/tranny replacement
1990 8533 White Massachusetts sold on eBay, 12/05, 102k
1990 8572 Black New Mexico on Autotrader, 12/06, 138k, jdm engine with upgraded (?) turbo
1990 8621 Red J.P. Jacobs North Carolina Bought 3/06 from Autotrader, 68k. Mint condition!
1990 8723 Burgundy Kim K. Florida Bought 12/06, 140k, 4th owner; 3rd owner bought in 2001, 2nd owner in 1994 and installed jdm gen1 engine in 2000.
1990 8928 Red JustJoe Texas Bought 4/06, 121k; plan on restoring and minor upgrades
1990 9035 Red Diana Spicer Florida
1990 9046 Burgundy Kevin Kauffman Ohio
1990 9284 Black New Jersey on eBay 1/08, 85k, reported in fair condition, some minor front body damage
1990 9337 Red New Jersey for sale by a used car dealer on Yahoo, 7/05, 70k miles
1990 9422 White Tony McGrath California;
Bought 3/07, 187k, was converted to rally car for Toyota commercial, now removing roll cage, racing seats for street use.
1990 9442 White on 2/06, ??k, extensive engine, drivetrain and suspension mods, rally paint scheme
1990 9505 White Dustin Taylor Colorado Bought 1/07, stock, 130k; 5/07 ct20b, fmic, aussie exhaust, hks bov, rc hood/bumper
1990 9611 Red James Harris (Tito) Maryland on eBay, 7/06, 228k, 100k on built motor, ARC topmount IC, lots more mods, speedo/odo broken, balky tranny; update 7/06, bought off eBay
1990 9663 Red California on Autotrader, 12/06, 150k, appears mostly stock, except for wheels
1990 9826 Red Pennsylvania on eBay, 11/06, 149k; stock and runs well, GT front bumper cover, some body rust, rebuild title, clean interior
1990 9839 Black Paul Failla Illinois Runs/looks perfect except a/c leakage; 60k (1999) new exhaust; 71k (2005) replaced valve cover gasket, distributor o-ring, rear pinon seals
1990 9850 White Rafael Calderon Alvarado Florida Info rec'd 4/10
1990 10145 Red Keith Harley New Hampshire Bought with head off car due to overheating; looking for possible 185RC or 205 engine swap; has leather, system 10, abs
1990 10216 Black Ashley King Pennsylvania; 97k, turbine loose inside turbo, rear brake problems; ABS locked and car was wrecked - RIP
1990 10257 Red Andre Barnes Georgia 112k, blown turbo; 116k, fried alternator
1990 10279 Gray Devin Pashby Oregon 4/10, 120k, original motor, cam seal oil leak, weak HG, repairs to be done in summer '10
1991 not given Black Chris Ontario 250km, stock, 215/40/17 Avids, Fast Jazz rims, Pioneer head unit, dual 10" audio bahn subs
1991 10449 Red Pennsylvania seen on eBay, 7/05
1991 10480 White Jon Frazier Illinois Bought 11/09, 152k; Rebuilt engine, FMIC, catback, HKS SSQV, removed NOS kit previously installed
1991 10519 Burgundy Kelvin Pennsylvania Just bought the car, 5/04
1991 10558 Red Mississippi seen on eBay, 7/05, 125k, suspension and exhaust mods
1991 10663 Green New Jersey on eBay, 3/07, 199k, new fuel pump, strong engine, worn shocks, some paint fade
1991 10666 Red Mark Farrell Texas seen on eBay, 3/05; on eBay again 8/05, 125k in Florida; on eBay again 12/05, 125k in Rhode Island; update 3/06 bought from eBay, will fix whatever's needed
1991 10744 Red California on eBay, 12/05, 166k, RC hood/bumper, FMIC, suspension mods
1991 10758 White Bill ?? Pennsylvania 4/08, 59k, previous owner killed clutch, runs great
1991 10861 Red seen on eBay, 3/05
1990 10902 Green Maryland On Autotrader, 1/06, 122k
1991 10956 Burgundy J.P. Jacobs North Carolina Bought 11/05, 145k, lots of issues, major rust, interior in mint condition
1991 11010 Red Andrew Lochow Colorado 6/08, 136k, has RC motor but not running due to electronic troubles
1991 11156 Red Forrest Lacey New York Got with 83k, replaced CV, also sticking 1-2 shift, red paint fade; 86k, pulled engine to replace gaskets and do some modifications
1991 11201 Red New York seen on eBay, 8/05, 169k; several mods but no I/C!!! Running water injection only
1991 11513 Green Wyoming on eBay, 9/06, 144k, front-end rear quarter damage but frame, motor good
1991 11717 Black Chris Dittrick Alberta; Imported as a front clip with 83km in June '03. Engine, tranny & ECU are now in 165 #4333 and rest of car is gone.
1991 11939 Red Colorado on eBay, 11/06, 102k, stock in good condition
1991 12243 White Christopher Peret Wisconsin Rear diff is locked, looking for a replacement. Updated 4/10: New owner, rear diff fixed + new diff mount bushing & all suspensions bushings
1991 12259 Red Nicholas MacDonald Nova Scotia Car now sold; while owned I replaced tranny, seals in the rear diff, front wheel bearings, clutch, wheel speed sensor, turbo intake pipe, drivers side power lock, system 10 speakers, 8" & 4", and more
1991 12298 Black Z California;
80k, been sitting 5 years, major oil leaks, internal engine gunk, rear diff leak, new clutch @ 75k, antenna motor gone, CD & tape deck troubles
1991 12739 Black Ray Wilson Ontario 125km - bought it with recently replaced head gasket, timing belt, water pump; 140km - upgraded CT26; 152km - replaced rear diff. Mount
1991 13123 Red New York seen on eBay, 9/05, 167k
1991 13217 Red J.P. Jacobs North Carolina I used to own this car in 2004; it was sold, then totalled at some point, driver doing e-brake slides on dry pavement flipped the car
1991 14217 White Fernando Maramara Ontario Bought 8/08, 3rd owner, replaced brake lines, fixed rust & dents, replaced center spoiler, replaced the front seats, added power lumber to passenger seat, added new TMIC with BOV, Tinted red tails. 17" RS6 Rims, JDM clear corners, new headlight covers, upgraded doors to system 10, will soon replace timing belt, custom 2.5" exhaust, custom Sub box and stereo upgrade, removed interior rust, new cup holder, boost gauge, oil preasure, volts on A pilar pod. New Paint in 2009
1991 14360 Red seen on eBay, 4/05
1991 14378 Black Massachusetts seen on eBay, 1/06, 130k, jdm 37km engine/tranny/ecu swap, cm stage 2 clutch, lightened fw, greddy bov
1991 14413 Red Roy Glass Virginia Bought 9/05, 120k; possible clogged cat, little power
1991 14703 Red Ben Minnesota Bought 10/06, 72k, second owner; 3/07, 77k, tranny rebuild
1991 14759 Black Doug Depies Wisconsin
1991 14822 Black Massachusetts on eBay, 11/06, 122k; extensive engine mods, FMIC & EMS, reports 400hp
1991 14881 Burgundy Daniel Luke Michigan; 104k, replaced clutch
1991 14982 Red Andre Barnes Georgia Bought 1/28/04 with blown moter, swapped JDM motor in. No other mods yet but more to come
1991 15061 Burgundy Joseph Cardona Missouri 4/09, new clutch, fw, repainted front bumper
1991 15127 Black Gun U. Massachusetts Sold in 2003 at 85k
1991 15127 Black Jeremy Johnson Massachusetts; North Carolina Bought totalled at 87k, too wrecked to restore
1991 15243 Black Jean Josil New York;
166k, low compression in cyls 3 & 4
1991 15361 White Kyle Petersen New York 180k currently; both front axles are almost shot, exhaust flex pipe is rusted through, original clutch is almost worn out.
1991 15406 Red Lance T. Hawaii JDM RC front clip, 70km
1991 15438 Teal Chanthy Hin Connecticut Bought from; needs steering rack/pinion, some body/undercarriage rust, engine quiet and strong, speedo not working, everything OEM except radio
1991 unknown Black Juan Batista Massachusetts no problems
1991 unknown Red Ray Wood Virginia 75k, HG, distributor replaced; 92k, tranny making lots of noise
1992 15528 Teal Doc Ontario minor wear and tear; 210km, ps pump
1992 15599 Red Iowa on Autotrader, 8/05, 100k; on eBay 11/06, 105k, rear frame accident damage, some body rust;
1992 15646 Black Josh McNattin Illinois bought 1/05, 3rd owner, had engine rebuild at 100k; 1/06, 180k, GAB shocks, new rack/pinion/ps pump, a/c compressor, radiator
1992 15838 Black Dean Yorke Ontario 290km, totally stock
1992 16037 Black Charles Quebec;
Bought 6/09, 196km, still strong
1992 16117 White Ray O Arizona Added 4/10, 94k, Gen 3 engine swap
1992 16199 Gray Maryland on eBay, 10/06, 120k, RC hood, but not running well; update 4/07, on eBay again, jdm 45k engine swap
1992 16219 Gray Jeremy Johnson Massachusetts; North Carolina Bought at 108k, 3rd owner; too many issues to list
1992 16549 Red Maryland on eBay 11/05, 141k, stock, all metal radiator 138k
1992 16837 White Connor Lilly Virginia
Bought 5/08, 112k, rebuilt title; 9/08, 160k, some rust on pass. rear quarter panel
1992 17257 Red Greg Grimes Michigan Got the car at 88k miles; needed new wheel bearings, brakes, cv boots. Repainted dark blue due to body damage and paint fade.
1992 17507 Black Drew Monk Illinois 1/09, 135.5k, project, rebuild in progress
1992 18037 Red John Lee New York Bought 1/05, 170k; replaced motor with ChrisK 5SGTE; replaced rear diff mount with aluminum mount, plus new poly bushings
1992 18101 Silver Byron L. Texas 6/09, 2nd owner, rebuilt engine, ST205 tranny, new turbo
1992 18322 Black Stu Friedman New York 8/07, 71k; Original owner, never wrecked, no dings or rust, original timing belt, struts clutch about to be changed, only routine maintenance needed
1992 18689 Red Ontario on eBay, 4/06, 161k, appears to be in good shape
1992 18928 Teal Mike Choi New York; Just over 70k and no problems
1992 19200 Red New York on eBay, 7/06, 47k, mostly original and stock, a/c broken, some seat wear, radiator, water pump, timing belt replaced 11/05
1992 19657 Red Paul Larson Washington Bought 9/02, 117k; 1/06 at 152k, but with lots of problems
1992 20076 White Jim Carlson Wisconsin Bought 6/05 from 6th owner, 210k; battery and alternator were replaced by previous owner, noticing a LOT of heat buildup near the alternator
1992 20372 White Eric Michigan
11/09, 240k, 3rd owner, A- condition; bought @ 232k and did 215 engine swap; originally sold by Batten Toyota in Grand Rapids, MI.
1992 20376 Red Kansas City Seen on eBay, 6/05, 169k
1992 20693 Black Pennsylvania update 11/09; sold 11/6/09, 147k, oil leaks fixed; 7/04@143k; very minor body dings, oil leaks from valve cover and oil pan;
1992 20713 Red Mike Eischeid Nebraska RF wheel bearing repaired at 61k
1992 21242 Gray Ryan Paul Alabama 9/07, 170k; replaced engine 4/06, repaired extensive body rust
1992 21355 White Mark Agnello Pennsylvania Purchased 1/2000, 3rd owner; 110k, short-block, tranny synchros; 120k, a/c to R134a; 170k, a/c not working for unknown cause; 140k, replaced clutch with Centerforce dual friction; 150k, turbo rebuilt/upgraded t04e, aussie dp, cat; 160-170k, both front wheel bearings replaced; 175k, Koni/Whiteline suspension package and poly bushings, rear wheel bearings and spherical bushings. Still on stock boost
1992 21424 White Lenny Virginia on Ebay, 138k; update 1/06, bought off eBay 178k, 108k timing belt replaced, persistance replacement of brakes, parking brake issue, jdm power mirror, RC front bumper, aftermarket catback, sony cd player w/mp3 hookup, kicker 8" door speakers
1992 21474 Gray Minnesota seen on eBay, 4/05; 112k; on eBay again 1/06, 112k, has front end collision damage
1992 21537 Blue D. Young Montana Bought in 2005, 3rd owner, 176k; 12/09, 193k, pleasure use, stock except short shifter, Koni inserts, C-One diff. cushion, Whiteline rear stabilizer bar, A/C compressor, leaks
1992 21644 Red Nick Niebaum West Virginia on eBay, 5/06; >200k chassis, 59k engine; no rust, whiteline rear sway bar, solid diff mount, leaking PS hose; update 7/06, bought off eBay, replaced ps pump, chassis 213k, jdm engine ~60k
1992 22328 Black Arizona Bought 3/06 from member, running great @ 105k; going to swap ST215 (Caldina) motor by 6/07; update 9/06, sold to buy MR2, car still in AZ
1992 22411 Teal Tyrone Sparks Ontario 138km - bought, needed front fenders, hood, bumper lights, corner lights, headlights
1992 22601 Teal Josh Winegar Oregon; 95k, radiator; 100k, right front cv joint boot; 115k, hoses from hell; 120k, 4th gear synchro going out and worn clutch
1992 22607 Teal Jay Bemont Illinois I could write a book here, I have records from mile 000000.0 onwards.
1992 22631 Red Louisiana on Autotrader, 8/05, 153k, new paint
1992 22695 White Shaun Salyards Colorado 45k, complete engine reseal and factory repaint; 135k, replace front right suspension components; 140k, turbo rebuild; 142k, jdm motor/clutch/tranny swap, changed timing belt, brake pads, wiring fixes, disabled fuel cut & TVIS; 151k, 5/2005 update, reinstalled TVIS, replaced battery/starter/alternator, most vacuum hoses
1992 22939 Red Colorado on eBay, 2/08, 113k, upgraded turbo, head rebuilt @110k
1992 not given Red Kevin Larson Nebraska 100k, broken RF strut; 102k, oil & exhaust leak
1992 not given Black S. Friedman New York 68k, original owner, mint condition, runs great no leaks! 55k, replaced front wheel bearings.
1993 23014 Gray
1993 23080 Black Jeff Colorado 8/07, 89k, almost stock, replaced front wheel bearings, needs struts, some 5th gear synchro wear
1993 23113 Gray New York
1993 23261 Green Tennessee on Autotrader, 8/05, 67k; on eBay, 9/05
1993 23303 Black Bill Price Indiana
1993 23333 Teal New York on eBay 7/06, 89k, good shape
1993 23336 Red Paul Wallace Texas on eBay 9/07, 142k, New York, jdm ceramic ct-20b, 550s, custom exhaust, whiteline works suspension; update 8/09, Blitz i-D SBC/power meter, Greddy TT and Whiteline "Works" suspension
1993 23368 White Eddie Baker Texas purchased new in 9/93; 117k - turbo failed, rebuilt it and engine; 135k - transmission failed, replaced with jdm; running strong when sold in '03
1993 23628 Red Amanda Maryland 7/09, 126k; no history of problems
1993 23990 Red Dan Grippin Vermont
160k, prop shaft vibration, troubles with cold starting, rear-end rattle
1993 23451 Red Jeremy Johnson Massachusetts; North Carolina Totalled at about 150k, hoping to restore
1993 23557 Teal Ryan Murphy California Bought, 9/05, 86k, some cosmetic repairs, probable a/c and alternator repairs in next 5k.
1993 23613 Gray California bought in 5/94 at 18k; 61k, replaced radiator & cylinder head; 82k, idle and tensional bearings; 98k, A/C compressor; cruise control didn't work and antenna wouldn't retract; sold in 2000 with 100k, new owner has crashed it in 2003
1993 23651 Black Minnesota on eBay 3/06, 156k, being sold by 3rd owner, stock and very clean; update 11/07, on eBay, 163k, still stock and clean
1993 23653 Black Katherine Eusse Florida
1993 23664 Black Don Treat Washington Canadian car, bought at 220km; replaced timing belt, associated items, brake rotors/pads all around, s/s brake lines, clutch m/c and s/c
1993 23697 Teal Steve Shaw New York 12/08, 118k, almost mint condition
1993 23704 Red California on Autotrader, 7/07, 95k, clean
1993 23841 Gray Mike Colorado Bought 7/1/03 @ 180k on chassis, 47k on rebuilt turbo/motor; Midpipe rusted/leaking, leaking HG; small P/S leak.
1993 23856 Black James Dasinger California Purchased w/120k; 122k replaced main seals, water pump, timing belt, cam seals, VC gasket, HFH, HFHOE, clutch; 3/07, 130k, AC broke, oil pan leak, bad tie rod, diff mount clunk, needs new struts
1993 23973 Gray Florida on Titan Motorsports site 7/07, 126k, shown as sold for $9500; Blitz cat-back, ACT clutch, bov
1993 24151 Red Massachusetts on eBay, 2/06, 75k, very clean
1993 24375 Red Greg White Maine
9/07, 207k, shipped from Japan 7/93
1993 24439 Red Jacob Enerson Wisconsin Bought from eBay, 5/05, 120k, repainted due to minor hail damage; update 12/06, on eBay again, 124k, very clean, HKS EBC/TT, well-maintained
1993 not given Black Greg Peddle Newfoundland;

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